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ladies gold bracelet

14k Gold Bracelets – Intriguing Adornment

The higher the fineness of gold is, the more expensive a jewel is. The fineness of gold bracelets begins from 14k. A color of gold varies depending on impurities added to it during the production process. 14k gold bracelets can contain zinc, copper, palladium and some other metals which make an adornment red, white or yellow.

In olden days bracelets were believed to have the magical power. Being hand-made from leather, tree bark and animal bones, they were used as talismans or amulets to protect its wearer.Nowadays, the most widely used material for producing bracelets is 14k gold that by no means hits a woman in her pocket.

The image is not just about the high-end cars and luxury clothes – great attention is paid to the significant details. Bracelets from 14k gold supplemented with exquisite precious stones can tell people quite a few things about a personal sense of style, and also can accentuate the elegance and status. They look superb when worn by both women and men, with no restrictions.

14k gold bracelets with diamonds is a genuine masterpiece, and they can be manufactured in various forms: as a ring or chain, loose or tight fitted. They add an image of romanticism, elegance and sophistication.

14k gold bracelet

14k gold bracelet

Manifesting a superior femininity, gold bracelets add a touch of tenderness to any look and highlight grace and elegance of a woman. Jewelry bracelets are often decorated with marvelous precious stones enriching their style and design.

Most women prefer not merely “any” bracelet, but precious 14k gold bracelets with diamonds. A dramatic luster of such a jewel draws everybody’s attention making it ideal for any clothing and for any occasion. The modern women adore wearing the gold bracelets and enjoy the way they shimmer on their wrists. Skinny chic bracelets are unique which are produced in a variety of styles and consist of several pieces.

If you want your gold bracelet to fit your overall style, you have to consider some tips. For a thin wrist, take a narrow bracelet that would embellish your look. For a medium wrist size, confidently pick any jewelry you want for a comfortable fit. A massive gold bracelet looks naturally on a wide hand. Do not limit your imagination choosing the bracelets!

You may also like to purchase 14k gold bracelets with diamonds combined with the emeralds, rubies and the other precious stones. A diamonds gold bracelet can be complemented with a diamond ring or diamond necklace.


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