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Birthstone bracelets are talismans of the life

Nowadays we do not know when exactly people began believing in magic power of different stones and their influence on the person’s life and destiny. Some people believe in the energy of stones and some people don’t, but it is doubtlessly that the stones affect differently the persons who have jewelry with them. This fact can be explained by the interaction between the different energies of the stone structure and the person. Many people like stones, but also it is important to consider the meaning of each stone. Besides, it will be great to have bracelet with the birthstone.

Various stones have their own peculiar properties. While choosing the bracelet it is better to know everything about each stone and decide what stone will be suitable for you. You can use the following information about each month of birth and its stone:

January. For a person who was born in January, the best stone is garnet. Many years ago this month of the year has the name the “garnet” month. You can find this stone of different colors.

February. Amethyst is the stone suitable for a person born in this month. It is better to choose the purple amethyst. Also you can choose such a stone as white onyx.

March. A person who was born in the beginning of spring should choose green, red and blue colors. We are talking about such stones as aquamarine, chalcedony and jasper.

April. People born in this month may choose such wonderful stones as diamonds and ambers.

May. The most suitable stones are emerald and chrysoprase, because May is the month of blossoming and greenery.

June. A person who was born in June is proposed to choose bracelets with agate, malachite and alexandrite.

July. People born in July are supposed to be active and energetic. That’s why their stones are carnelian and ruby of the red color.

August. People of the end of summer need aventurine or onyx.

September is “the gate of the autumn”. A person who was born in this month should rather have sapphire and lapis lazuli.

October. Hundreds years ago people believed that the symbol of the month was a tourmaline. Also one may choose opal.

November. November people should choose blue topaz and a tiger eye.

December. The best stones for a person born in the beginning of the coldest season are turquoise and zircon.

If you are going to buy a gift for somebody close, a birthstone bracelet will be a wonderful choice. Now you know what stone to choose for your mother, sister or girlfriend. However, never forget the most important point: any bracelet must be presented sincerely, right from the heart and with the good wishes.

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