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Magnificence of sapphires in September

I welcome readers in delightful month September. September is a fantastic watershed between Summer and in the Fall when you can easily put on the bikinis and to take lotion for suntan, but in the meantime to get jersey not to freeze.

This month became for me expensive as it is month of my birthday. This day I am excited because I want to share with you the pleasure. This fantastic September to light up with display of my magnificent stone corresponding to zodiac sign, Sapphira.

At a choice of jewelry I proceed from the mood. I choose designers who take their use of stones to completely other level. Since existence of time to indulge my obsession of jewelry a little more I investigated shopping centers online and to trawl the Twitter to reveal those designers who weren't known to me and big other people.

In this article I sought to show the designer, style and which originality admires me. I want that you without hurrying took pleasure in beauty of Annoushka Ducas Sapphire.

Frost Stud Earrings

Frost Stud Earrings

Frost tack ear rings
Ear rings of a tack of a frost are made of modern gold and processed, using yellow gold and white sapphire. With approach of more cool seasons, I especially love artistic bow to a winter snowflake as yellow gold still adds a hint of summer. The price of these ear rings at retail in £440.

Rings of Favourites of Annoushka are presented by the Developing rings. They are now very popular, this collection of magnificent ochroleucous gold ring association to create fine mix of color and structure. Processed in 18 carats of white gold, diamond and sapphire. Their price at retail for £2,435.

One of Kind Sapphire of the Ear ring is presented by a magnificent set of ear rings which is exclusive Annoushka's part of the Kind collection. 32.82 the carat of features of a set of the sapphires of handwork which are competently shown in 18 carats increased gold. Surrounded with brown diamonds on 2.20 carats and suspended from intensive blue Kyanite on 5.16 carats, this couple of ear rings is a real call. According to Annoushka, each part in this special collection of surprise, admiration, also inspires, every time when they are carried. Retail price of ear rings in £10,500 is completely justified as they are made of magnificent materials and true skill!


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