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What are the different styles of earrings

There is an endless number of styles to choose from when you go shopping for drop earrings, which can also lead to a number of points of confusion. Many people assume that drop earrings and dangle earrings are exactly the same thing. This is not necessarily true though. Drops are designed to look like teardrops or spheres, and actually, they do not have to dangle at all, although many variations do also fit into the category of dangle earrings. The dangle ones can be any shape or design as long as the ornamentation is not attached directly to the lobe; in other words, they do have to dangle, but can range from the exotic chandelier type to suspended hoops or Celtic designs.

Constraining the design of drop earrings to teardrop or spherical however, has not depleted the broad range of beautiful designs available. There are diamond ones for people who want to splash the cash and sterling silver ones for those who don't, but who still want to look pretty and elegant. One of the most popular types is pearl drop earrings. These are a great option for the ladies at a wedding, from the bride to the bridesmaids, as they exude sophistication.


The length can vary greatly, from drops that are attached directly to the earlobe, to showy long dangling drop earrings that can almost reach the shoulders. It is of course a matter of personal choice which length you prefer, but on the whole, the really long ones tend to be for younger girls such as teenagers, whereas a more understated style can be achieved by more mature women by keeping them short; a case of less is more! And in terms of price, you always have the option of the fine jewelry route (higher price) or the costume jewelry route.

The dilemma about whether to go long or short also raises the question of comfort. Depending on what exactly is dangling from your extra long drop earring, you should exercise a little care. Heavy earrings can damage your earlobes, especially if your piercing is relatively new; in the worst cases, heavy earrings can stretch or even rip the lobe, which can be very painful, not to mention the fact that you will not able to wear any earrings for a while after such an accident. So it pays to be careful and gradually add length and weight over time if you like the big flamboyant types of earring. One thing is certain though: with drop earrings, you will never run out of style ideas to brighten up your look.

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