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Women stud earrings, from the most modest to the best and luxury

Earrings for women consistently choose today, many beauties. Jewelers offer a huge number of models, among which will certainly find yourself something wonderful every woman.
The most familiar to all small in size jewelry are stud earrings, giving the female form perfectly finished look. Coming to any wardrobe, they will certainly become a worthy ornament. Does the choice of female beauty: with small stones in a classic design, or humble - all studs are ideal for business as well as for everyday image.

Quite often a woman has several pairs of pins for different wardrobe options. Choosing a stud for the dress should be preferred ideal for beautiful ladies model. It is important to take into account the shape of the face, ear, color of the girl's eyes and hair. Remember that earrings should not be too cumbersome, so as not to stretch the ear.

Especially important is to choose the right precious stone - or rather, its color and shade. Of course, the stone certainly be nice, but not too much shade feminine beauty. Therefore it is necessary to select a mineral of the same color of the eyes, but lighter. Not bad, and will approach the game of contrasts, emphasize eye color - in this case, take the stone of the same color, but different color.

When choosing earrings with stones for women will certainly remember such advice:

- If a woman's "warm" (brown or green) color eyes, and then choose the "warm" shades of stone. For example, green-eyed lady will look perfect with shades of emerald grass or purple amethyst. For the brown-eyed beauties would look great earrings with amber, such as garnet, ruby, amethyst and jasper. They are really perfectly accentuate eye color and really help the woman become even more attractive.

- If the gray-eyed or blue-eyed woman, it is very well suited blue-green gems. This, for example, can be an emerald cool colors, beautiful topaz, turquoise, sapphire or Lazor. It should pick up the lighter tone than the lighter female eyes.

chocolate diamond stud earrings

chocolate diamond stud earrings

- There are also cases when it is worth thinking about "chocolate" diamond earrings. For example, if the black-eyed beauty, you can choose the most vivid colors, it is worth paying attention to the color of skin and hair tone. If your hair is red, the great fit beautifully shiny gold earrings with pearls and pearl rod or, for example, "cat's eye". For beautiful brunettes remarkably suitable ruby ​​blood red, dark purple amethyst or bright dark green emerald. Nice way for blondes is entertaining game of contrasts - a delicate pearl, luxury diamond earrings make them real queen on any holiday.


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