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This world famous brand has a long and interesting history. The company was set up in 1860 and it won the clients’ hearts even in the beginning. A great number of clients didn’t prevent the company from perfecting its image and production in a course of time. High quality and elegance are the distinctive features of the brand.

The representatives of royal family and persons of title adore the things created by Cartier. The Duchess of Windsor liked the Cartier house’s signature panther so much that she decided to buy several pieces with this motif. The most precious item in her collection was a bracelet with gemstones. The bracelet was later sold for several millions of dollars.

Cartier has always remodeled the panther so that to outline the elegance and femininity of the jewelry pieces. All the jewelry pieces produced by Cartier are characterized by special style and refinement.

The brand uses the best stones and the finest metals for creating its jewelry. The watches produced by Cartier have renowned its design without changing one thing - the panther.


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