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Amahle Jewellery

Amahle Waist Bead chains are handmade using quality semi-precious stones and beads. They are made for all body shapes and sizes. These waist bead chains empower the wearer and make them feel beautiful and sexy. You do not need to be slim or have a flat stomach to wear these gorgeous pieces of jewellery. Waist beads have been worn for centuries and imbue the wearer with a sense of mystery and sensuality.

To ensure a good fit, measure where you would like the waist beads to fall - either at the waist, below the tummy or over clothing if desired. When ordering choose your size from the drop down menu.

Angel Rose

Angel Rose is a single strand comprising of delicate pinks, creams and golds. Constructed with pink square shell beads and a harmonious mix of pink, cream gold and crystal glass beads.

Angel Rose is otherworldly and heavenly imbuing the wearer with a quiet and ethereal beauty. A focused energy and spirit radiates from deep within.

Oriental Spice

Oriental Spice is a single strand of a striking mix of rich blue, green, gold and bronze colours. It is made with gold stone beads,emerald green, cobalt blue, bronze, topaz, gold and amethyst glass beads.

Intoxicate and seduce those around you with Oriental Spice. Embrace the sensuality of your womanly curves and heighten your allure.

Regal Spirit

Regal Spirit is composed of a single strand of royal blue and gold glass beads as well as blue sapphire gemstone beads. This gorgeous waistbead chain inspires feelings of serenity and wisdom in the wearer and communicates dignity, grace and character.

Heart of Life
The heart is filled with all the beautiful treasures of life. If your eyes cannot see, look with your heart.

Heart of Life is a stunning combination of black, white, red, gold and bronze. It consists of jet black onyx and white, black, gold and red glass beads finished off with a beautiful red glass heart.

That Summer Feeling

That Summer Feeling is a single strand waistbead chain made up of a medley of dazzling and vibrant hues.

Sun kissed days, perfect tans, just having fun, soaking in the sun.
Peridot offers a richness and luxuriance that mixes harmoniously with sparking reds, gorgeous greens, bright blues and shimmering golds.

To be Worshipped

The more man worships, the less he will languish in anguish. To be Worshipped is a double strand waistbead chain made up of an intoxicating mix of black, gold, bronze and topaz colours with a hint of white. It is constructed with onyx and gold, bronze, topaz and white glass beads.

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