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Aspirational Jewelry That Will Adorn the Body and Delight the Soul

Beautiful jewelry can captivate and enchant anyone who has the pleasure to behold it, but it can be so much more than just a dazzling display of beauty and light. Jewelry can also inspire, lifting the soul and moving the mind. With the right selection of inspirational jewelry, you can infuse your everyday experiences with eternal motivation.

Katrina Kelly Jewelry offers a splendid array of aspirational and empowering jewelry that captures the modern beauty of precious metals and gemstones yet speaks to the grace and elegance of bygone eras. Although Karina originally enrolled in design school to train as a fashion designer, her passion for gems and precious metals took her on an alternate path. After earning a Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, Katrina followed her passion to Florence, Italy, where she trained with venerated jewelry masters. Her collections are inspired by her travels and love of other cultures. She is captivated by the ancient wisdom and spiritual power found in gemstones, and her inspirational jewelry commemorates the beauty and splendor of the wearer.

Katrina Kelly Vintage Victorian Jewelry copy

Katrina’s Layers of Love® charms are a stunning symbol of the place love holds in our hearts and lives. This collection commemorates the importance of self-love, familial bonds, friends, and romance. Worn separately or in an eclectic cluster, this inspirational jewelry is a wonderful celebration of the light that love can bring to our lives. When you’re wearing these charms, you’ll have a constant reminder of all the powerful and positive forces in your life.

The Wisdom Wands® jewelry collection celebrates all the wise women in the world. These necklace charms are beautifully embellished with gemstones and can be worn separately, layered side by side, or mix and matched to your perfect combination. Wearing this empowering jewelry will allow you to beautifully adorn your body while also uplifting your spirits. The vibrant colors of the gemstones will inspire you to make the most of each day by sharing your wisdom and love with others.

Featured in Indulge magazine, each piece of Katrina’s empowering jewelry is lovingly created with care and attention. Designed to inspire the mystical powers of the wearer, Katrina’s pieces are truly an inspiration to any woman who wear them. A treasured piece of inspirational jewelry from Katrina Kelly’s collection can reach deep down and touch your very being, infusing you with confidence and passion each and every day.

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