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The most original rings and slave-bracelet

Today it is very trendy to wear a few massive rings at once, or to wear two ring on the same finger, or to wear jewelry made from different metals, and as well to wear original and quite specific slave-bracelets instead of common ones. Such jewelry were seen often on many podiums and fashion shows, but now they are taking their place even on the red carpet as many celebrities started to wear such rings and bracelets.There many fans of them but the most known and trustful is singer Sher.

Sher’s collection of the rings and slave-bracelets which she is more than eager to show to public and that was seen during her show The Voice is really amazing. Sher has gone through hundreds of epatage images for her singing career, and now, when she is 67 Sher is again in the fashion avant-garde.


The ring you might have seen on the fingers of Sher are actually very popular and trendy in the current season. Such unusual jewelry are able to may refresh basic black jacket and even grey sweatshort. Vintage slave-bracelet decorated with emeralds, double golden ring made as a snake with diamonds, and bracelet with some curls also decorated with diamonds were seen a s apart of Sher’s image recently.

But Sher is not the only singer who likes such unique rings, for instance, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopes were showing their fashionable jewelry during 55th Grammy Award and Heidi Klum wore massive ring to attend 85th Oscar ceremony. Such kind of rings and slave-bracelets can be found in many collections of various jewelry brands.
The world known brand Dannijo decided to create more elegant and sophisticated jewelry forgetting about earlier heavy loaded with jewels items, despite the latter being a love of many girls. Along with actress Rashida Jones this brand will release its capsule collection named Fine by Dannijones.

And this premier release was followed by the dinner held in Chateau Marmont in Los-Angeles with attendance of Anne Hathaway, Obrey Plaza, Amy Poler, and many other celebrities.
The collection includes thin golden items that could be worn daily, they are earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces decorated with tiny original symbols that look like pineapples, arrows, palm trees, and unicorns. These jewelry line reflects the simplicity of Californian style of Rashida Jones combined with sophisticated design of Dannijo brand. The price range for this collection is from 98 US dollars up to 598 US dollars.

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