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The most strange and crazy celebrities jewelry has been named

Being celebrity, a shining star is not something that has no effect on the individual personality. In fact, one of the part of being celebrity is to be a brightest possible star among other, therefore sometimes we can see quite extravagant taste in terms of the jewelry celebrities may wear for the public events.

So, today, he most funny, strange, extravagant, and even crazy jewelry was named in the list. Let’s see who has gone too far. By the way, do you know that the sound of jewelry of the R-n-B and hip-hop female singers is officially known as Bling Bling and means luxury for showing off, epatage and unbelievably expensive jewels.

And one of the world class celebrities who was involved in such Bling Bling movement is pop-singer Madonna! Even she was not able to resist it. So, she in collaboration with Swiss jewelry house Chopard developed special jewelry - luxury knuckles-ring and pendant with famous Happy Diamond which are put in a such way to make a word M-dolla (and that is Madonna’s hip-hop name). Note that picture of Madonna wearing these jewelry became the official cover of her album Hard Candy.

Next after Madonna is well known Angelina Jolie along with her husband Brad Pitt and in collaboration with legendary brand Asprey made own unique jewelry collection. Their series The Protector include silver and golden jewelry and even small spoons. Angelina Jolie has chosen a snake as inspirational symbol for her famous jewelry line, because this reptile protects family and children. The price of silver spoon from collection is just 525 US dollars which is not considered expensive at all. The money made from sale are for the charity fund Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

Nest is singer Lily Allen who created jewel collection which reflects great sense of humour and beauty. Her collection includes pandas, some kind of dogs, coins, and fruits: they are like the singer herself - naive like a child, but do also possess some punk features and depth.

And, what a surprise, but even those who are usually considered the worst ever dressed celebrities, also create own jewelry lines. For instance, Nicole Ricci developed a collection dedicated to her daughter Harlow, it has massive bracelets with enamel, cocktail rings and even golden ribbons for the hair. This collection was made in collaboration with famous jeweler Pascal Muawad.

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