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How to choose a necklace

First of all, you need a clear jewellery purposes: For example, is his own or as a gift, jewelry or decoration, and so on, is his own general election, some of the benefits for affordable gifts in particular about the appearance at the same time should also pay attention to packaging.

Secondly, look at the style necklace: Generally speaking, the shorter necklace in the summer and autumn wear, because these two seasons, clothing collar openings generally larger, long pearl necklaces General Ke-pei in the winter and spring of sweater , such as: Qipao, wedding apparel and other files can be compared with the double bill, the three-pearl necklace, in order to better bring out your noble, elegant female temperament.

On the faces, the faces of the election to the short thick or double sets, three sets of pearl necklaces, earrings will be big Pearl Earring Stick circular structure, and this may fall short change to the faces of effect: short faces the contrary, they are advised to wear long or with the pendant: a round face with an optional type of slender Shuxian like fine jewelry chain, leveraged Erzhui, with pearl necklaces and other ornaments to lengthen results: the faces of the triangle, also known as the inverted triangle face seeds face, the little jewelry styles request, a freedom of choice.


The triangle is under the narrow width, general choice of the larger Erzhui with short hair covered under E of the iceberg. Also in the fluffy hair at temples wearing an eye-catching Fazan, in order to increase the amount of width. Necklace lengthen the election results with the long pearl necklaces, so that to achieve overall harmony, a makeup failed to achieve results. Well you want to determine the style, price, color, then you must carefully distinguish true from false and prevent counterfeiting.

To Tell the most simple and effective way is to take two pearl friction, if "Shibuya" real sense, I feel smooth to be false.

Also in accordance with pearls heavier density in the iron, copper between the lesser false beads this feature can also distinguish between, but now has to produce pearls abroad little different from the density of false beads, to be very careful to distinguish. Finally, you should seriously look at the quality of jewelry, the quality of which depends on two aspects:

A, pearl quality.

The greater light to the sleek white uniform for the finest pearls;

B, processing technology.

Take necklace example: general 30-40 cm from the eye observation of the whole string necklace, pearls in the shape of color, luster to achieve harmony for the gifted.

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