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The stone necklace on zodiac sign - personalized jewelry with protection

The wise goddess Hera disseminated through a legend in many places beautiful stones which became mascots for pregnant women. If the pregnant woman found such mascot, her child easily was born and the healthy grew. If you have a belief in the power of stones, it will be interesting to you to learn about to what stones advised to carry ancient wise men and what necklace of the stone corresponding to zodiac sign for mother can become a real amulet.

There is a remarkable tradition when give jewels for the woman bearing the child or for the newborn. This custom remained since ancient times. At that time people had no opportunity to influence on various processes happening in a body of the pregnant girl and her child there was a strong belief in certain "assistants", such as minerals.
It seems that, a stone – a lifeless matter. Actually, it unites properties of accommodation and not living materials. Believe that minerals have no only beautiful form and color, but also and their own energy and character. Having made a right choice, the stone becomes the reliable assistant and the defender of his owner.

How to pick up the mineral? The science about stones advises to pay attention and to the stone homeland, its age, natural properties, month of the birth, compatibility with metals, stories and legends.

engraved birthstone necklace for mom

engraved birthstone necklace for mom

Jewelry for mothers love everything. There are many options on decorating in a birthstone necklace of the stone corresponding to zodiac sign for mother. This jewelry will be a good gift of the Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas or anniversary. These necklaces can be made with names, this gift will become nominal and personal.

There is a wide choice from a set of materials of ornament to your taste and the purpose. For a smart gift you can choose various shades of gold and finish it with diamonds for strengthening of effect and beauty of decorating in general. Simpler products can be made of a set of other metals by means of which worthy emergence can be also reached. The stone necklace for mother on zodiac sign is done even of natural fibers.

For each person his mother - the dearest and special person. There are many ways to personalize decorating for mothers. Jewelry from Swarovski's crystals are especially popular.

Jewelry for mothers give the importance to the existing jewelry. If you add a crystal of Swarovski which corresponds to month of the birth, you will give a gift the interesting and filled sense. It is possible to add to jewelry for mothers names of her children. Thus, mother will always feel that children nearby. some prefer to add a name of the spouse.

A birthstone necklace for mom became in the best way to express gratitude to all mothers. Undoubtedly, these decorating with jewels will be not only beautiful accessories, but amulets and assistants to mother and her family.

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