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All photos courtesy of Onchmovement

All photos courtesy of Onchmovement

Fantasy jewelry usually holds an element of whimsy and surprise, but I'm about to become a snitch---at least on this single source. I know, it's grimy, and snitches usually get snitches, but I think that I'll get a pass because this is an entertainingly fun snitch. Nicki Minaj recently stepped out for the iheartradio festival in the above pictured pink crispy fried chicken wing necklace, causing everyone that came into contact with her to get a case of whiplash as they wondered Is that really a chicken wing necklace that Nicki Minaj has around her neck? Yep, it was. welcome to the world of fantasy jewelry. And while wearing winged-things as an accessory may not be your own personal fantasy, I can assure that it very well could be someone else's.

It's Fine. If that doesn't float your boat, then how about a teddy bear necklace? Wait, I know, how about a 100% animal friendly bacon pendant? You see, it's all about anything that can be imagined. Meet Onchmovement, a cutting-edge designer out of Los Angeles that specializes in collaborations with different artists to create fantasy jewelry which is guaranteed to be unlike any other jewelry that you've ever laid your pupils on. They're quite popular, just ask celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Sean Kingston, Kelis, Richie Rich, Kelly Osbourne, and more. And guess what, it's not even expensive jewelry. Everything is under $100.

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