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Caring for silver jewelry

Silver is one of the most expensive materials used in the jewelry industry even today. Lots of women just dream of wearing heavy jewelry sets made of silver. Some go for clones of heavy silver sets made of copper and having silver water over it. The point is that silver jewelry attracts the women so much that they want to have it at every cost. The rich ladies go for original silver while the poor ones and the miser ones usually go for clones. However silver is nothing like gold. Even the pure silver has problems if it is not cared properly.

The biggest drawback silver jewelry has is that it looses shine with the passage of time and it starts getting darker. It is for sure that it happens to the silver. However if the silver jewelry is cleaned properly from time to time then this process slows down. For example a silver jewelry item properly cleaned time to time may loose shine after 15 years or so and the one which is worn roughly and not cleaned may loose the shine and gets darker within 3 to 5 years. The key to success is proper care every time it is worn. This way you can keep your silver jewelry with new looks for many years.

You must clean the silver jewelry with a plain cleaning fabric every time it is been worn out. You must remove all the steins from the jewelry with care. If you find any steins that are hard and are not removable then try alternate methods out. Boil some water and put the water in the bowl. Then put the jewelry in the bowl and let it remain there for few minutes. After that, remove the steins from the jewelry with the help of fabric or brush. The ideal brush used for cleaning the jewelry is the tooth brush but do use a brand new one specifically for this purpose.


You can also use soap with the brush to clean the steins from the silver jewelry. However clean the jewelry with water after doing that as the soaps have chemicals that can make the jewelry loose shine very fast. Do not leave the jewelry wet any time just dry it after cleaning with water with a piece of dry fabric. If the jewelry looses shine you have to polish it immediately because it will keep it safe from getting darker and dirtier.

Also keep the silver jewelry in a proper jewelry box or place it somewhere between cotton at an air tight place. It will protect your jewelry sets from getting effected by moisture and other factors from the air that can damage the shine of the jewelry. One your jewelry looses shine and you do not polish it within few days it will start turning darker and eventually will reach a position where you need to hire professionals to get it restored to original shiny position back. You obviously will require lot of money for taking the services of the professionals. So it is always better to care rather then paying later for negligence.

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