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ChangeMe Jewelry

ChangeMe Jewelry

The Most Versatile Jewelry Set You'll Find!

One Set. Multiple Styles. Using a patent-pending interchangeable system, ChangeMe Jewelry presents the unique concept of extreme versatility in accessorizing. A simple CMJ set creates an endless array of fashions styles including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, anklets, shoe ornaments, and even hair accessory pieces.

Forgot jewelry that's high on price and low on versatility. ChangeMe Jewelry is affordable, durable, and simple to use. With a straightforward clasping system, each pendant stays in place and maintains its intended style. This practical jewelry set is meant for daily wear.

Each CMJ set includes two fashion chains, 12 pendants, and one pair of earring clips. Small and discreet, ChangeMe Jewelry sets make the perfect travel companion. One set can accessorize an entire business trip or vacation. Whatever the occassion or wardrobe issue may be, let a ChangeMe Jewelry set be the answer. For people who barely wear jewelry, CMJ sets are great to have for those special occasions when accessorizing will come in handy (e.g. job interviews, parties, dates).

For fashion forward trendsetters who like to maximize their accessories, a CMJ collection is perfect. Since every ChangeMe Jewelry piece is interlockable and changeable, it will be easy to combine multiple sets to create unique fashion statements everyday of the week! ChangeMe Jewelry also upcycles worn jewelry by giving it a CMJ makeover. Get more usage with a favorite piece by expanding its function. Turn a well-worn bracelet into a pair of earrings, necklace, fashion belt or even a shoe ornament.* Find out more by going to our blog!

ChangeMe Jewelry is for every women, in every walk of life. Embrace your individual self and express your identity with a set. Don't settle for less! For fans of fine jewelry, CMJ offers genuine metals and precious gems in our sets.

For clothing ideas, head over to CMJ outfitters, our companion clothing & everything online retail store!

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