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Cheap Jewelry Gift Ideas

There is little doubt that jewelry is a favored gift of most women, however, in today's poor economy with most people struggling just to make ends meet, purchasing expensive jewelry for a friend, or even someone you love is simply out of the question, but that still doesn't mean that you cannot still give jewelry as a gift to those women on your shopping list. Here are some cheap jewelry gift ideas that will bring a sparkle to any woman's eyes.

Look For Good Deals on Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is extremely popular these days and can sell for big bucks. However, if you are willing to visit some estate sales and resale shops chances are that you just may pick some wonderful vintage pieces for extremely low prices. Look for well-made pieces that have stood the test of time and will clean up well. It is amazing how often you can find beautiful well-made pieces of vintage jewelry for just a couple of dollars when you really take the time to look.

Make a Piece of Memory Jewelry Yourself

One way to give a cheap piece of jewelry that isn't at all cheap in the eyes of the beholder is to make a piece of jewelry that represents a special time the two of you have shared. Did the two of you share a great day at the beach? If so why not find a small seashell or small piece of coral and attach it to a chain to make a pendant or a bracelet that will serve as a memory of the time you shared. A movie ticket from your first date can be placed in a small plastic holder and turned into a pendant. Even a key from the first car she owned can be made into a cute piece of jewelry that she will be proud to wear.


Don't Dismiss Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry has come a long way, and today you can find may attractive and nice pieces that are both inexpensive and well made. This jewelry runs the gambit from delicate chains and small pendants to large wooden or glass beads, and enameled bracelets. This jewelry comes in a variety of styles and designs and in most cases is extremely affordable.

Before buying costume jewelry for a specific person, take a good look at the type of jewelry that they usually wear and try and find something in the same style. While some women like a variety of different styles of jewelry others prefer either delicate or more bulky types of jewelry. By taking the time to learn what jewelry style the woman or women on your shopping list prefers, you will better be able to find cheap jewelry gifts that are sure to please them.

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