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Contemporary Jewelry

As of late there has been an increasing number of men wearing unique and eye catching rings that can not only be used as an engagement ring, but also serve as something considered fashionable and elegant.

With the increasing availability of new precious metals being available to be transported around the world with such ease creating the opportunity for men to have the chance to wear jewellery made out of various metals and materials they wouldn’t have been able to before. Popular alternative metals on the market offer positive benefits such as titanium which is light and durable or metals that is scratch and crack resistant such as tungsten, cobalt chrome and serenate.

Females have always been associated with gold rings and diamonds which hasn’t stopped the opposite sex drifting towards slightly different metals and gems such as mens sterling silver rings having burst onto the scene with there even being hints of even rare stones being seen with mens sapphire rings adding a very distinctive and eye catching addition to a mans overall look.

If those gemstones are out of your price range or you are looking for a distinctive type of material, malachite jewellery is a green coloured mineral that often forms in stalagmitic masses, when polished this gemstone shows off its banded colours usually varying from dark green to mellow green. Malachite is believed to represent protection of children protecting the wearer of accidents and watching over travellers.


Certain men may be drawn towards stones that are more burnished and less glittery,  onyx rings can create a more simple and defined look with obsidian jewellery giving much the same look with a slight medieval look to it while also having the interesting knowledge knowing it came from a volcano.

Cufflinks made out of different materials are becoming increasingly popular with men in business positions that are withholding a professional and clean image. Experimenting with different materials such as peridot cufflinks instead of the usual silver can maintain a sophisticated appearance while again being slightly unique.

There are many different gemstones and metals apart from the usual types you generally associate with jewellery out there which are now more readily available through the internet and other forms stores. Fashion is consistently evolving and what was thought to be taboo or unthought of 10 years ago is now becoming desirable, mens jewellery is prime example of that and will definitely be for much longer.

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