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Costume jewellery is not cheap always

Costume jewellery is known by many names. It is also known as fashion jewellery, trinkets, fallalery or false jewellery. Costume jewellery includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, rings with accessories including bags, brooches and scarves. The term ‘costume’ is used with ‘jewellery’ because costume jewellery is manufactured as ornamentation to harmonize or complement a particular fashionable garment or costume or a specific outfit. Cheap costume jewellery is jewellery made from inexpensive metals and colourful stones. This type of jewellery is very popular among the people who love to have fun with their accessorizing. Cheap costume jewellery making is a very creative profession.

Costume jewellery is not cheap always. Faux and Vintage jewellery may be quite expensive with their antique value although it may be a product of inferior material. Many jewellery designers specialize in costume jewellery that is worn by the rich and famous for a variety of reasons like fashion or sense of fun. There are many individuals who own expensive pieces of jewellery and keep replicas of such items to avoid the risk of losing a valuable irreplaceable piece of original jewellery. So you can look classy not only in genuine jewels but in cheap jewellery too.


Cheap costume jewellery can be found in vintage stores as well as in retail stores specializing in accessories. Costume jewellery in most cases brings back interesting and traditional designs of various cultures with proper contemporary hue at the most affordable price for many. Cheap costume jewellery usually starts with some base metal like ‘tin’. The metals mostly used and treated in this type of jewellery represent a more expensive type look such as platinum, gold or silver. Fake stones are made from glass or fake gemstones. Costume jewellery makes you feel glamorous without being rich and famous. Throughout the different pages of history different ages have had a style of their own depending upon its own affluence and culture.

Toothpaste is a very helpful and economic cleansing agent for cheap costume jewellery provided you choose the right type that does not contain any baking soda or white powder used for tartar control. Never use a gel tooth paste for cleaning cheap costume jewellery. Always test its applicability before use, on a small limited area with small cotton pad.

Tips on care for your costume jewellery

  • Avoid water as they are not water friendly
  • The worst is getting entangled with other ornaments
  • Protect them from knock and hard shake and also from the acids of your perfume and hairspray.
  • Avoid direct sun light

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