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Gold hoop earrings for woman

Gold hoop earrings for woman

Gold hoop earrings for woman have always been thought of as portraying an elegant and timeless look that is sure to show off the feminine side whether the wearer chooses a more classic or historic style of earring or leans towards a more modern and up to date style. Most gold plated hoop earrings are made to last, built with premium materials that are resistant to denting and scratching. Hoops will stay securely and firmly in place with the click top closure ensuring you’ll never lose your earrings.

Small gold hoop earrings

In terms of what size gold earring you would want to wear it is important to pick a type that will complement your facial features. Bigger, dangly earrings make the face look longer, however if you already have a long head then small gold hoop earrings may be a better option.

Large gold hoop earrings

Or if you had a round face and wanted to make your face look longer then large gold hoop earrings would be ideal. Some girls believe that if you have shorter hair then small gold hoop earrings suits more, the smaller your facial size too the smaller the earrings can be.

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