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How you can Replace the Stone within Jewelry

Thrift shops and backyard sales are full of interesting as well as fun outfit jewelry. Sometimes individuals finds may be sub-standard. They may be 20 or even more years old in the end. With just a little glue along with a steady hands, it's simple to replace lacking jewels.


  1. Select a stone in a jewelry store which will fit the actual finding and appear nice about the piece.
  2. Lay newspaper on the flat area.
  3. Dab a tiny bit of glue at first glance where the brand new stone goes.
  4. Press the actual stone in to place while using tweezers with regard to exact positioning.
  5. Make use of the water as well as cotton swabs to wash any glue which has seeped round the stone.


Ideas & Alerts

If you've got a pair associated with earrings having a missing stone you cannot match precisely, consider removing the present stone as well as replacing each.

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