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Jewelry gifts of nature

Eco-friendly, fair trade wooden jewellery is in and gaudy glitter and glitz is definitely out! In this economy, spending too much on jewellery is out of the question and best of all, it is not necessary!

It seems as if the whole world is moving away from the idea that value only resides in precious metals and gems. The 21st century has ushered in a new awareness of the value of Nature, and our renewed appreciation of the environment has brought about a revolution in fashion jewellery design!

Contemporary Fashion

If anyone had any doubts about the increasing importance of fashion jewellery, the London Touring Exhibition Unexpected Pleasures at the National Gallery Victoria has swept them all away. Unexpected Pleasures focuses on the close relationship between art, craft, design and fashion through a display of important works from around the world.

These radical experiments from the contemporary fashion jewellery movement may not be everyone’s choice of daywear, but they are an indication that our conventional understanding of personal adornment is undergoing a sea-change.

Resin Jewellery

With modern techniques, resin jewellery can be made to resemble ivory, amber, coral and tortoiseshell allowing us to pay homage to the natural beauty of these materials without damaging the environment.

However, it is also being used to create exciting new styles, with clear bangles and pendants into which decorative items can be sealed and preserved forever, from flowers from a wedding bouquet to antique buttons from Grandmother’s button box.


Resin jewellery is leading a trend towards jewellery that has value not because men have had to mine it from the earth, but because it represents something of personal importance to the wearer. To be completely up to date with fashion trends, take a look at the massive range of styles and designs offered by resin jewellery retailers online.

Wooden jewellery

International Hip Hop music stars have also played their part in popularising wooden jewellery and there is a strong, new trend away from the gaudy platinum pendants, gold chains and diamond rings associated with hip hop in the past. Retro-style wooden brooches, pendants, bracelets and earrings are now the favourite fashion jewellery of all cool kids, and many popular retail stores have been overwhelmed by the demand for the new wooden jewellery.

What the models wear

Now that affordable and environmentally friendly wooden jewellery is back everyone can wear exactly what the runway models are showcasing around the globe. Australia can be proud of its own designers who are contributing in full measure to the global trend for sustainable natural products to produce beautiful fashion jewellery for today’s women.

Many pieces of wooden jewellery are hand-made in small, fair trade workshops using traditional techniques and the choice encompasses items featuring the natural wood grain or the current fashion jewellery colours such as deep red, green, grey, black, brown and white.

To join the trend, wear bold beads, bangles, brooches or pendants with matching earrings and rings from Australia’s outstanding resin and wooden jewellery collections. Be trendy and eco-friendly and find your perfect match in the fashion jewellery revolution!

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