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Learning how to buy costume jewelry

Are you looking for costume jewelry but confused how to buy the best piece? If yes, you have come at the right place. Here we will discuss on some important factors you need to consider when you buy costume jewelry.

Costume jewelry defines the trend of combining the traditional designs with contemporary hues. As the saying goes – “it can make or break any outfit.” Be it a special occasion or everyday wear, costume jewelry is available in an assorted range.

Search online – Google and Yahoo. Type in costume jewelry and you are sure to get many online jewelry dealers. Browse through these options and zero down on the potential choices.

Visit your local jewelry store. You will find a whole collection of up-to-date jewelry to choose. In addition, you can also visit reputed jewelry brand that have a chain of stores. These brands have moderately priced unique jewelry pieces.

Consider vintage pieces in your selection process.  At present, you can find many sellers that specialize in vintage jewelry. Search for vintage costume jewelry among these sellers.


For old costume jewelry, visit consignment stores and antique shops. Note that often the jeweler displays the most expensive pieces separately. These unique pieces are generally kept in locked cases of the store. Before you choose any of these jewelry pieces ask questions like:

Which era does the jewelry belong?

Is there any particular incident like – commemoration or anniversary behind the inspiration of this jewelry piece?

If you want to buy an exclusive and unique costume jewelry piece, try searching in jewelry exhibitions, art and craft shows, specialty shops and exclusive gift shops. These often have unusual jewelry pieces.

For a more affordable buy, browse through wholesale costume jewelry stores. These stores have a larger selection of jewelry pieces than retail stores. You are bound to get a greater variety here.

Note that online wholesale costume jewelry stores are available in plenty. You can check their websites for a glimpse of their range.

When you shop for costume jewelry in wholesale jewelry stores, make sure that they offer you an exchange or return policy.

Note that jewelry stores emphasize both upon collection and customer treatment. If you feel uncomfortable or do not like the behavior of any staff, it is advisable not to go ahead with your purchase.

Always choose a jewelry store in which you feel comfortable and confident while buying.

Additional guidelines:

Quality and price range of costume jewelry varies. If you wish to opt for a high quality jewelry piece, you will need a bigger budget.

Emphasize over strength and stability in stone setting, prong setting, metal plating and stone sparkle.  Make sure that the overlay of metal material is proper.


In case, you do not know: Metal overlay is the covering of an inexpensive material with gold or silver.

Determine the quality of the jewelry piece. Check the stone quality, metal color and the way in which the stones are stuck together. Look whether the stones are welded or glued together.

Emphasize upon the weight of the jewelry piece. Note that good weight generally means better quality jewelry.

In case you are about to gift the costume jewelry to someone, make sure to consider the personality of the wearer. Choose color, size and design that the wearer can wear comfortably.

Make sure that you choose a jewelry that matches with the outfit. Remember that a correct jewelry piece will add to the beauty of your dress and complement your overall look.

Brightly colored diamante pieces are one of the best picks in costume jewelry. They add glitz and style to your dress. Diamantes are made with diamond chips along with paste (type of glass) and rhinestone.

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