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Modern synthetic diamonds

A mined diamond sometimes costs as much as a car, or even a down payment on a house, while moissanite engagement rings look so much like a diamond yet only cost a fraction of the price. However, jewellers stick their noses up to the possibilities of saving so much money and look down with superiority on synthetic diamonds.

Lab created diamonds have been so deeply researched and worked on that they are actually in on the same visual level with real mined diamonds. The „disco ball” or aurora borealis effect is a thing of the past, today synthetic diamonds are so well made that one cant even tell the difference between the two. The moissanite synthetic diamonds measure up to in hardness, clarity, fire, and brilliance are one cannot tell the difference between a mined or synthetic diamond without a magnifier, it’s just impossible to tell the difference.  If you set the moissanite in piece of karat gold jewellery particularly white gold the average consumer would be hard pressed to tell the difference.  You can even see the popular hearts and arrows effect which is found in mined diamonds.


So we wonder, if someone is to go into a jewelry store and ask a jeweler to take a look at a synthetic diamond, will they be able to find the disimilarities? Mined diamonds are not perfect, never are, they all have flaws such as color diffirences, marks, and inclusions, while a synthetic diamond has no flaws whatsoever. So, yes, a professional can tell the difference. They can tell either using a loupe or with a magnifying glass, and will most likely announce with pride that the diamond you’ve presented is not a mined diamond.

The reason one can find a difference between the two i s because of what they are composed of. Mined diamonds are made of carbon gem material while synthetic diamonds are polycristalline. The difference between the two diamonds can be easily seen using a thermal probe. However, should these details necessarily important to someone that enjoys jewelry but cannot afford spending thousands of dollars for a mined diamond?

Is there a reason why major jewelry stores offer only mined diamonds instead of options? Also, why do they insist on mocking the synthetic diamonds? It is all about the profit they make off of mined diamonds. To buy a 1K diamond will run about $3,000, 2K at around $18,000, 3K for $40,000, and the top, 4K around $90,000! A synthetic diamond that looks the same to the naked eye runs at about $80, $160, $240, and $330. Try and tell me it’s not all about the money!

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