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Red and Silver Heart Earrings

Red and Silver Heart Earrings

This Set consists of Red and Silver colored heart shaped Murano Glass Earrings along with a large Murano Glass Pendant. These extraordinarily designed Italian glass jewelry articles are in line with the best handmade jewelry where special attention is devoted to details.

This type of glass is handcrafted and specially treated on the isle of Murano near Venice in Italy. The skill of the glassmakers is great and they are renown by their artistic creations.

The dimensions of the glass pendant leaf is 1.7 in x 2 in, whereas the earrings are 0.6 in x 1.6 in. The former comes with a 16 in cloth lanyard chain, while the earrings are fastened with silver tone plated hooks.

Symbolism: Hearth

The hearth symbolism is as immense as it is important. Indisputably, the heart is the straightforward symbol of love. If you love somebody, bestowing a hart shaped object is a token of love. Self love if not taken to the extreme is also positive and should be cherished. Therefore, you can put a heart shaped jewelery on yourself to remind you that you should always love and never dislike your own inner being. Following this line the heart is a symbol of emotions, unity, compassion, valentine and life.

Besides this symbolism, heart is the symbol of the Sun. As much as the Sun is the center of our Solar system, equally is the heart a center of our own microcosm. The heart is the mystical center of our spiritual self.

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