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Thailand Platinum Jewelry

Thailand Platinum Jewelry

Found in the sarcophagi of ancient Egypt and the ruins of Pre-Incan civilizations, platinum has enchanted the world for thousand of years. But it wasn't until the 19th century that the methods were discovered that allowed royal designers such as Faberg and Cartier to forge their timeless creations. And ever since then, platinum jewelry has held a regal place in the hearts of jewelry lovers around the globe.

Platinum's scarcity, uncommon strength, and cool moon-glow like luster are like no other precious metal, and indeed none is as difficult to work with. Platinum's density is 1.7 times that of 24k gold, and it has an astonishing melting point of roughly 1773 C/3224 F. But that hasn't stopped the Thai craftsmen at CB Fine Jewelry from rising to the challenge. Over the past three years, this artisan's studio in Bangkok has become renowned as a premier house of platinum fine jewelry crafting.

Used as a stand-alone setting for some of the world's best known diamonds (such as the Star of Africa and the Koh-I-Noor), platinum is capable of being combined dramatically with 18 karat gold, and that is where the artisans at CB Fine jewelry truly shine. Their platinum rings and eternity bands mixed with pink and yellow gold and set with precious gemstones have gained admirers worldwide. In other collections the studio's artisans have showcased platinum's discreet luxury in jewelry that harkens back to the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods.

“Platinum provides a great canvas for both hand-engraving and milgraining,” states company spokesman D.A. Blyler, “both of which are found often in the vintage-inspired designs we produce. Many turn-of-the-century platinum pieces still wear their patterns like new, while being passed down to loved ones as family treasures. CB artisans take pride in creating the world's next generation of platinum jewelry heirlooms.”

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