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Fashion cocktail rings

Fashion cocktail rings are large and highly dramatic pieces of jewelry that women often wear at cocktail parties. They are often huge rings with giant pieces of rock, a diamond or other precious or semi-precious stones at the centre. These rings came into existence during prohibition years from the 1920 to 1933 and later became cultural symbols. In those times, a woman would wear such rings to illegal cocktail parties and symbolize her as drinking illegally and that too in style. Fashion cocktail rings quickly became a mark of fashionable women who were not afraid to break the boundaries and live on the edge. Such rings then grew into popular culture and made regular appearances as part of women’s jewelry visible in cocktail parties all throughout the 1940’s and the 50’s, when such cocktail parties were common. While the cocktail parties have slowly faded away, the fashion cocktail rings have stayed. One can see celebrity women flaunting them at formal dressy occasions like movie premieres, Broadway shows or the Oscars. Today these rings are about fun and can be worn with anything and on occasion. One is sure to notice them since they are huge, the often precede the outfit and get noticed first.


Although the original trend with cocktail rings was to use precious stones, costume cocktail rings today are made out of faux stones. These rings today are not restricted to being for either worn on a formal occasion or by the rich for that matter. There are many fashion cocktail rings that are worn by women as an everyday fashion accessory without burning a hole in the pocket. They cost as little as $50-100, a small fraction of cocktail rings with diamonds which can cost as much as $100,000. Popular substitutes to diamond in making of these rings include amethysts, topaz, garnets and pearls. One advantage of wearing an inexpensive cocktail ring is that if stolen or lost, it will not hurt as much as the one with real stones might.

Although fashion cocktail rings are available in hundreds and thousands of designs, all radical and oversized, there is one common thing among most of them. Each of the rings has a stone at the centre that becomes its prime attraction. Such rings can be worn on any finger except the ring finger of the left hand. These are usually worn on the fourth finger of right hand and that is why often called the ‘right hand ring’.

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