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vintage inspired engagement rings

Vintage Oval Engagement Rings – Back to Old Days

Vintage oval rings are created to look like retro style jewels, as nowadays we have encountered a true retro boom in precious things. Antique rings possess a distinctive unborrowed exposure, which momently may recall the premodern times. As for the rising generation, it is a good way to demonstrate the strong ties between ages and emphasize the permanence of family. It is rather fashionable to own a longstanding piece of jewelry from antecedents, especially in a nice luxury box. That is why the great bulk of jewelry created by order is made in the antique style. As jewelers say, such “grandmother” precious objects will remain relevant for centuries and it will be truly unique, as another of its kind does not even exist!
The popularity of oval shape jewels has grown over the last 50 years, when women have started give the nod to it. It is all because equal weight oval-cut diamond visually looks bigger than the traditional round form. This treatment is widely used for large stones, especially diamonds. Such precious objects fit perfectly as single units. Due to a slightly elongated shape, oval cut ring may deal with the issue of short fingers and make a hand look more graceful.

Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

This cut possesses a smooth oval circuit. Comparing to round-cut, precious object in the oval form has a large space and, thuswise, suggests a more impressive-looking size for trick of the light. This would be an ideal solution for those who want to own a true vintage piece of jewelry and still enthused over the fire and grace of the round-shape gems. Usually a midmost oval stone may be encircled with little gems. The most desirable metal for such rings is gold. Yet some designers of retro rings give precedence to platinum instead customary metals. In addition, the sophisticated engraving on the ring is in fashion, so it is may be usually seen on present-day jewels.

Dreamy and creative women often prefer vintage oval rings. Such pieces of jewelry are also notable for their highest grade and durability. The most popular retro models are Victorian rings, which are represented from yellow to pink gold or Edwardian sapphire diamond rings. Art Deco platinum rings, which combine folk patterns with colored gems, are all the rage today.

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