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Wedding decoration of pearls

Brides, and couples about to be married, need to be extra smart these days because budgets are tight, and planning a wedding, choosing rings, selecting bridal jewelry and outfitting bridesmaids can be a huge expense that may cause debt or needless frustrations.

The purchase of traditional diamond engagement rings, gold wedding band sets and costly bridal accessories may have an alterative that’s more cost effective. For example, instead of diamonds, why not look into the newest white pearl rings. They’re elegant, feminine, have a lustrous sheen and also have a long tradition as being engagement and wedding jewelry. Pearls are considered precious organic gems (even the cultured pearl varieties from freshwater lakes) and when mounted in simple gold settings are extremely affordable.

The top white pearl rings in solitaire designs that have yellow or white gold bands are selling for under $200; in some cases, for as little as $145. That can mean a savings of several hundred dollars, even a thousand, to a couple who might otherwise have chosen diamonds.


What about bridal jewelry and bridesmaid accessories?

Even on a budget the wedding party can shine with high quality pearls without reverting to cheap costume jewelry or being forced to choose rhinestones and synthetic fakes. Genuine pearl necklace creations, which include delicate white or champagne colored drop pearl pendants for the bride and soft pastel colored strands for the bridesmaids, can be purchased for between $20 and $30. They’re not fake or synthetic but authentic cultured pearls that come with certificates. They also make beautiful keepsakes after the wedding day.

Consider having white pearl rings as your engagement and wedding set. Save without appearing to scrimp by choosing earrings, bracelets and pearl necklace sets for your bridesmaids. It’s all possible when you buy pearl jewelry direct from designers that know exactly how to work with these unique organic gems and have a whole range of colors and sizes available from the pearl farms where they’re grown.

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