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Wedding pins

These bridal hair pins were originally used by women form the lands of Rome, Greece and Egypt in their wedding ceremony during before few decades. Many civilized queens with thick great flock of hair used these hair pins to hold them tight and intact. For example Queen Cleopatra used bridal hair pins to knot up her hair so that they looked more organized and classy.

Hairpins play a significant role to hold the hair together in different style. So here are some steps to follow while choosing a Bridal Hair Pin or any other hair accessory:

First of all buy a wedding dress before you choose your hairstyle and take a picture of your dress and the hairstyle so that they would be handy while choosing a bridal hair pin or other bridal hair jewellery.
Surf the internet or buy bridal magazines to gather some innovative ideas and styles.

The theme of the wedding must also be taken into consideration such that the bridal hair pins or hair jewellery they choose goes with the wedding dress, hairstyle and wedding theme.

If the wedding theme is vintage then go for classy vintage type hairpins which look simple and graceful or antiques. If it’s a modern wedding theme then pick hairpins more polished and modern involving different colours, shapes and designs.


If you have bought a jewelled hairpin then it’s better to avoid buying more hair jewellery like tiara, ornamental combs and so on.

When you buy hairpins through online make sure to check how many hairpins are included in the order.

Prevent buying bridal hair pins that looks stupendous and too impressive because your guests should notice your face too not your hairpin. It can be done by choosing hairpins that matches the colour of your hair.

Go for hairpins based on the thickness of the hair. Thicker the hair larger the hairpins to be bought.

If you couldn’t find any hairpin matches your wedding gown or your hairstyle then try to make hairpins by yourself. You could find items or accessories needed to make one many crafts shop and hobby stores. You could even find some books or guides that assist you. You can borrow heirloom hairpin from your mother or grandma so that they can be “something borrowed” item that would carry your family history down the aisle.

Tips & Tricks:

A woman with curly hair look gorgeous with a half up half down style, curly at the back and gives an unbelievable outrageous appearance with a hair piece like tiara or wedding crown.

Make sure your hair is dry or damp or else it’s difficult to hold the hair as the pins slip off easily.

When you are done with your hairstyle, spray it lightly with a hairspray that makes the hold more secure.

Note that plastic hairpins create less damage than the metal ones.

Keep children away from hairpins to avoid eye poking or choking risks.

Hairstyle like buns is suitable for women with long or medium hair. For those with short hair hairstyle like chignon would be best.

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