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Emerald Drop Earrings – the Sign of the Real Femininity

Drop earrings have been extremely popular among women for many years. Thanks to their shape that is brief and perfect at one and the same time, drop earrings became a classic jewel, the sign of femininity. Designers think of unthinkable variations of this essential women device. The most popular type of the jewellery is emerald drop earrings, especially gold ones.
Emerald is a sign of wealth and nobility. It gives the owner the opportunity to show the perfect sense. Professionals and laymen estimate the stone by different values: its purity, bezel, cut, the last but not the least is its royal beauty that everyone can notice.

Some emeralds might even be more expensive than diamonds, but they must be large – bigger than five carats and having densely rich colors. The brighter emeralds are more expensive than the dark ones. Relatively few know that emeralds are just a clear type of beryl, of the aquamarine color. “Green ice” – diamonds are called so because of the purity and clearness of the cold green color.

emerald earrings with diamonds

emerald earrings with diamonds

Buying emerald earrings

It can be very important to know that emeralds have some features, both magical and healing. Our ancestors believed that an emerald gives its owner force and inspiration, as well as the gift of prediction, relives insomnia or depression. One of the characteristics of emeralds is that they can keep their owner from bad behavior that is why the stones can be very useful for liars and tricksters; they even can help someone who is unlucky in love. Remember all these when buying emerald drop earrings.

Green color is the color of nature it affects peacefully, refreshes and cools. Emerald earrings of the color of nature suit perfectly a young girl as they stress the females’ fragility and tenderness. On the other hand, thanks to their form, they add some austerity and completeness to the image. Red gold makes earrings with emeralds look richer. A young lady wearing red gold earrings with emeralds will always feel perfect and sex appeal.

Some women prefer drop earrings with white gold, and the emerald ones emphasize the bright shine of the white color of the metal as well as the chic and delicate taste of the owner. Wearing such jewel, you will feel perfect at all the society parties. Jewellery with emeralds, diamonds and tourmalines will give a royal chic and enticing romance for women’s figure.

Emerald Drop Earrings

Emerald Drop Earrings

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