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How to choose earrings?

It seems a little hard that to choosing some proper earrings match the outfits. So if you want to match jewelry perfectly,you need understand them perfect,From design, shape, color, and even size.


Now, let us discuss how to wearing earring jewelry correctly?

  1. In order to match earrings with the outfits,At fist,it is the basic that you need to know the color of outfits. It would more better to choose some solid color earrings when you wearing colorful outfits. The color of earrings need to be close to the outfits you wear. If you wear single color clothes,you can choose some earrings that have exquisite pattern, like leaf, animal, plants, geometric figure and so on.
  2. The size of earrings also need to incorporate with you outfits as well. And also you also need to consider you face shape, hair style, you body and even your age. Fox example, If a woman in short-hair style, she can choose the big size earrings which can flaut their face shape.
  3. Beside this two factors,you also need to choose earrings depend you personal taste, there are two many fashion earrings design available in the market, studs, hoops, feathers and so on, the material of them is also ever-changing, such as wood, crystal, bead, shell, etc. One also can choose the earrings according to their personal preference.
  4. No matter what design earrings you choose. One thing you must remember that the earrings shall not contain any chemical component. This may hurt our body.

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