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The idea of wearing earrings for women

The idea of wearing earrings for women is to add more appeal to their looks and grooming with such an accessory.

If one has to trace and study world history, earrings were pretty much a tiny but inseparable part and parcel of discovering civilization. Since as early as Ancient Egypt, jeweled earrings have defined the standards of beauty of women, as well as the masculine sophistication of men in the higher echelon of society. But beyond the influence of ancient civilizations, primitive indigenous human societies already have cruder notions of earrings, some of them in a form of flesh tunnels. These days, the concept of wearing earrings for women speaks more than just sating the eye cravings of the beholder. It bespeaks a kind of personality or perspective a woman possesses, and something that will help single men to assess the type of woman they see with the presence of that accessory.

If women wear jeweled earrings, one can easily list down correlating characteristics she may possess. Although it is not morally justified to judge people based on their exteriors, observation has a curious way of forming subjective views that are not absolutely far from the truth in normal circumstances.


Women who wear jeweled earrings usually exude a character that is someone confident, and for better or worse, dominating. She would have to be accustomed to success and luxury, and are drawn to classy, powerful and successful men. On the bright side, she is fully aware of her sexuality and a master of refined regal grace capable of making men weak in the knees.

Women who wear exotic designs and materials such as wood, sea shells, polymer plastics, and even marbles; are the types of females who invest much on intellectual satisfaction and the depth of moral character. It is often easy to see an artist, musician or an avid literature hobbyist when one takes into account their intricately designed exotic baubles.

Women who wear iconic carvings as earrings definitely are more attuned to her mystical side, especially if such design has religious symbols.

Women who wear seashells are obviously drawn to the tropical universe and it is convenient to expect that they love islander lifestyle as well as they love to dance to the rhythm of reggae music.

Women wearing polymer plastic earrings that match up to their main vogue, like glossy suit and iridescent shades, are drawn to futuristic themes like the ones promoted by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

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