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Swarovski Gems, launched more than 10 years ago, has recently released the annual forecast of design trends that aims to predict the hottest styles for jewelry retailers, designers and simple amateurs. The Gem Visions report is also an attempt to provide insight into the 2016 global fashion trends that will impact the jewelry industry.


Swarovski gemstones

It is said that in 2016 the all-encompassing theme would turn from those of preceding years to present Then, Now, Next: A Temporal Fusion. These are the four design tendencies connecting the past, present and future. Swarovski Gems describes this conception as the embodiment of modernist design aesthetics, forward-focused and open to technological progress and new ideas. At the same time it pours in tributes for the old customs.

As a result, we may observe a combination of classic designs and innovative solutions. The company's foremost report based on these ideas was developed in co-operation with different specialists, such as historians, trend and fashion forecasters and other jewelry industry members.

There is a closer look at several trends that are expected to have influence with the 2016 jewelry design.


Eternity is focused on the concept of heritage, the passing down of traditions and the human desire for eternal life and inalterability. This trend focuses on rich color palette based on the combination of the deep blue and other dark tones with the light shades like amber, honey and citrine. Blue, green and orange colors are mixed with warm hues.

Olivine, citrine and topaz are combined with multi-layered materials presenting modern technology and simultaneously traditional metalworking techniques.

image2 image4
The Eternity trend direction


With an eye toward creating an illusion, master magicians like jewelers, gemstone-cutters and goldsmiths try to bring precious stones to life through numerous cuts, shapes and facets.

The trend direction pays a lot of attention to a color scheme that varies from the light to the shadow, from the deep night blue and burgundy casts to white, lilac and light blue. White phianite, white iron pyrite and blue sapphire are combined with shimmering exteriors, including opal, laser-sliced stone and mother-of-pearl, as well as reflective materials and mirrored surfaces.

image2 (1)

image4 (1)

The Magic trend direction

Body Art

Body Art reflects the intimate relationship between the human form and jewelry. The body is viewed as an installation space for the new forms of accessories and ornaments. Just imagine ear cuffs, headpieces, bracelets and body chains of pink and burgundy shades and flashes of turquoise and amethyst.

The emphasis is also laid on texture with both man-made and organic materials. Animal leather and scales are mixed with precious metals and synthetic gemstones. Jewelry is cut in such a manner that it reminds of the curves and movements of the body, and also expresses fluid forms.


image4 (2)
The Body Art trend direction

Radical Craft

Radical Craft is the embodiment of the modern lifestyle containing DIY and technology. It is based on the radical design, 3D printing, use of CNC tools, electronics and even robotics.

Cut precious stones have defined edges, angles and corners, and involve smoky quartz black spinel and phianite in warm tones. Besides, the trend is characterized by a masculine character reflected in the color scheme of the grey, khaki, orange and pink colors. It also incorporates plastics, synthetic gemstones and plating for metals.

image2 (2)

image4 (3)

The Radical Craft trend direction

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