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The year of 1893 was the year when the Japanese businessman Kokichi Mikimoto set up his company. He is a world-wide famous producer of cultured pearls, which he uses in all his collections. Jewelry, produced by Mikimoto contains only the best treasures of the ocean. In most of his collections Mikimoto uses only the best diamonds, the finest gold or platinum, beautiful natural gemstones, and the high-quality silk thread for string pearls.
Each item in the collection of Mikimoto is unique. The pieces of jewelry designed by Mikimoto is distinguished by elegant and classical style. The popular and creative designer uses one or two stones in each of his jewelry masterpiece. It is easily explained by the absolute perfectness of the pearls which has a great importance to the famous company.
The irresistible pieces of jewelry produced by Mikimoto can be worn during the day or in the evening like the Necklace which is represented above.




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