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Brighton Jewelry the company with a big heart

You know Brighton Jewelry has lots of nice fashion jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and other jewelry made of silver and all with the Brighton heart symbol. But did you know that it has a a huge big heart? The heart might be expressed in their accessories, but they show it where it counts – in giving back to the Community.

In 2003, Brighton decided to get involved in a big way. They set out to create a bracelet every year to encourage and give home to all who are committed to conquering cancer. Donations from the sale of these bracelets are in excess of $1,788,000. I can’t even count that high! Recipients have been The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The City of Hope Cancer Center, Concern Foundation and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Now that’s a lot of heart! But wait! There’s more.


In 2004, Brighton took up the cause for women’s cardiovascular disease. Did you know that over 480,000 women die each year from this disease? That outdoes even cancer! I should know since many of my women relatives died from heart disease, including my mother. Gulp.

Brighton rolled up its sleeves and began participating in the American Heart Association’s Go-for-Red movement, which seeks to help women become aware of their risk for heart disease and to take action. Brighton donated $813-679 to the America Heart Association thus far. That’s another reason to wear Brighton jewelry with pride!

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