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Is Cartier jewelry change us? Or we change Cartier jewelry?

Admit it or not, everything is changing. Maybe it is the inevitable result of changing, then, what is the certain element that change both you and me? Is that Cartier jewelry? Or the other way around.

I do not know from which time, some delicate changes have come into being between us, even we are together everyday. I am used to walking after meal, while, it is a luxury dream for me now. I like the feeling that we talk about the true feeling of ourselves. While, both of us are good at hiding it now. I know you are busying. While, I want to tell you that my work is also necessary but redundant. Cartier jewelry is not the spotlight of our life.


I miss those days we spent together, cry together, and laugh together. While now, I laugh, the whole world will smile, I am crying, I am just myself. Therefore, I should smile, then I can pretend to believe that I hold the whole world.

Actually, Cartier jewelry or Cartier love bracelet is one important part of our life, while, we could not always think those cheap Cartier jewelry thing, after all, working is for a better life. So, why don't we live well from now? At least, love ourselves as best as we can.

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