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Harry Winston

Harry Winston has taken the top position in the diamond jewelry industry since the beginning of his career. The designer is famous all over the world by his classical style jewelry.


The company was set up by him in 1932. He started his career by buying and selling estate jewelry and the company is still following this line.


Winston jewelry is characterized by high quality stones and the majority of them are very rare. The company guarantees the durability and quality. Lots of jewelry pieces, which have elegant design and long history, bear the name of the company owner.


A world-wide famous Swiss brand Chopard produces original jewelry and charming watches while using for it only the best materials which are of the highest quality and attractive appearance.


The items which you can wear in your every day life are made with the best and the most beautiful gemstones and are covered with the finest gold.
Even the slightest detail plays an important part in the general appearance of the jewelry items, produced by the famous company. Just have an attentive look at the earrings, which are represented above. They mostly represent the classical style and at the same time these items are quite unusual and unique. Diamonds in tiny glass cases and brand Chopard signatures move slightly while you are walking.


The year of 1893 was the year when the Japanese businessman Kokichi Mikimoto set up his company. He is a world-wide famous producer of cultured pearls, which he uses in all his collections. Jewelry, produced by Mikimoto contains only the best treasures of the ocean. In most of his collections Mikimoto uses only the best diamonds, the finest gold or platinum, beautiful natural gemstones, and the high-quality silk thread for string pearls.
Each item in the collection of Mikimoto is unique. The pieces of jewelry designed by Mikimoto is distinguished by elegant and classical style. The popular and creative designer uses one or two stones in each of his jewelry masterpiece. It is easily explained by the absolute perfectness of the pearls which has a great importance to the famous company.
The irresistible pieces of jewelry produced by Mikimoto can be worn during the day or in the evening like the Necklace which is represented above.


This world-wide famous company was set up in 1884. Nowadays it takes the leading position of a company, which produces the best jewelry in the whole world.

The head office of the company is situated in the heart of Rome, Italy. It regularly presents the new innovative items, which are a great combination of traditional and innovative styles. The beautiful pieces of jewelry created by Bvlgari are distinguished by bright colors and fruity motifs, large sizes and the usage of cabochon stones.

For those clients who can appreciate, Bvlgari brand can offer only the best gems and the finest gold in the world.

The famous Swiss company producing high quality watches was set up by a businessman George Piaget many years ago and it soon became very popular throughout Europe.

In the course of time, the famous company also started to produce the finest pieces of jewelry. The peculiarity of the Piaget style is in its irresistible glamour. This popular and favorite brand uses the ideas of Old Hollywood with its sophistication. The unusual image of a rose has been used by Piaget’s company lots of times in the design of many of his wonderful and original jewelry pieces.
The design of many Piaget’s jewelry pieces gives you the irresistible feeling of luxury, lightness and constant movement. The original watches created by the famous company can be worn at any angle on their bands and the time can be seen quite easily and precisely.


This brand is world-wide famous for its satisfactory service and it is respected by the power players. The large size of the precious stones is a distinctive feature of the jewelry produced by this famous and popular brand.

The owner of the company Laurence Graff says that large stones play an important part in the whole matter. His passion to large size and expensive stones has brought him a real fortune and turned him into a real billionaire, because only rich people can afford buying the pieces of jewelry from his collections.

In the nearest future a coffee table book will be released which will tell us about the brand’s long and captivating history and wonderful, jewelry for wealthy. Mr. Graff invented the title of the book, which will tell us about the peculiarities of his style and personality.


This world-wide famous brand is one of the most luxurious and creative brands which is respected by several generations of its clients.

The jewelry for women, men and children created and produced by the company can be worn during the day or for different occasions. The peculiar feature of Tiffany lies in its high quality. The designers use only the best stones and the finest gold and silver.

The design of the Tiffany’s jewelry is simple and at the same time modern. The brand started to sell its classical pieces of jewelry in 1837. The refinement of the pieces distinguishes them from the jewelry produced by some other brands. The natural images of flowers and birds, trees and animals are so realistic that make the design so unusual. The company also offers a special line of jewelry for elite clients.


The world-wide known brand Buccellati is very popular nowadays. It is famous all over the world by its high quality gold, which is often called “Italian gold”.


The creative designers of the company tend to use special Roman style for creating the pieces of jewelry for this famous brand. The pieces of jewelry, which are produced by the company, have an unusual effect, which is defined as an effect of special “fabric”. Such an effect is obtained the complicated process when the metals are brushed and mattified.


The company also tries to experiment all the time. Gold and silver are often mixed and such mixture gives metals unusual and thick texture.

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