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Maleficent - the Inspiration for Enchanting Jewelry

The Walt Disney Company has always been renowned for its smash-hits. In cooperation with the London-based jewelry business, the film company captivated the whole world by its movie Maleficent. The Crow’s Nest Fine Jewelry collection was inspired by the lead character - the evil queen from the Sleeping Beauty fairytale played by amazing Angelina Jolie.


Angelina Jolie in the role of Maleficent

Daniel Belevitch, the dynamic young Russian designer and Crown’s Nest Jewellery founder, elaborated costumes for the film directed by Robert Stromberg. The jewelry collection used in the movie symbolizes the avenging witch's beauty and danger. It includes ear cuffs, bracelets and statement rings.

In answer to the Vogue UK's question about whether the used precious stones reflect the protagonist's inner world, Belevitch replied that she was "a dark character but with a beauty as well". He thinks that she is misunderstood to some extent, and people can learn something about themselves from her. Besides, the designer hopes that his interpretation of the character that he tried to capture within the jewelry reflects how dark but beautiful people can feel.

The designs, chosen by the Belevitch, include black diamonds, rhodium and pear-shaped onyx. In his opinion, they emphasize the guiding motifs of the film like dragons, fire, feathers and thorns. The statement ring is made of white gold and sapphires. The prices vary from $4,000 to $22,000 US.


The Maleficent jewelry

Due to increased popularity in the fantasy genre, numerous jewelry ranges have been launched. For instance, HBO (Home Box Office), the American premium cable and satellite television network, and Pyrrha, the producer of handcrafted jewelry using authentic 18th and 19th century wax imagery and impressions, have jointly created the line of necklaces and rings used in the Game of Thrones movie.

In a similar way, jewelers were inspired by The Hunger Games trilogy. Despite official collaboration has not emerged, non-specialist jewelers have capitalized on the symbolism featured in the multimedia franchise.

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