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A Huge Diamond Was Discovered in Russia

A huge rough diamond weighing 76 carat was discovered by the Russian diamond mining company Alrosa, one of the largest producers of the diamond industry. The large stone was located at its Yubileynaya kimberlite pipe in Yakutia in Russia. It is important to note that Alrosa accounts for 25 per cent of the diamond production in the world and 95 per cent of Russia’s overall diamond output.


The diamond discovered by Alrosa

The diamond has the form of an octahedron. Its color is yellowish, with point inclusions of olivine on the periphery. It also has a crack containing sulphide and graphite.

The mining company has not unveiled the plans concerning the sale of the stone yet but it stated that it was estimated to be worth more than US $430,000.

It bears reminding that in December 2014 another diamond unearthed in Yakutia by Alrosa was sold for US$1.81 million at Sotheby’s auction in New York. It was a 47.78-carat round diamond originated from a 128.44-carat rough stone and sold for US $900,000.

In the last year there have been other rough diamond discoveries. Among them there is a 232-carat white diamond and a 122-carat blue diamond. Both precious stones were found at Cullinan mine in South Africa by Petra Diamonds, another diamond mining company headquartered in Jersey (the UK).

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