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Cartier and Pandora released new collections


The famous company Cartier released a new jewelry collection with very sophisticated items in it. This time French company got immediate inspiration from oriental resources. Collection L'Odyssee de Cartier – Parcours d'un Style was created following the motives of African, Indian, and Chinese cultures. That is why items from this particular oriental collection have specific geometric pattern which is common for above mentioned geographic zone. Circle inside the circle can be seen even on the pre-historic plates and simple jewelry of those era.


Ethnic motives were created by Cartier with the help of rutile quartz, obsidian, golden topazes, pearls, and orange tourmaline. The best jewel from the collection L'Odyssee de Cartier – Parcours d'un Style is wonderful bracelet and necklace with the image of zebra. The Indian motives can be observed in the emerald necklace with engraving and diamonds. The Chinese motives can be observed in few jewels with white diamonds.


Autumn is the main motive in the bright and vibrant jewelry collection from jewels brand Pandora. Items from Imponderable Feather are jewelry with zirconium reflecting yellowish-orange Autumn forest. Everyone can see such imponderable feathers falling down to the soil while having a calm walk in the park or forest. But if you are the lucky one, then you might see during sunny weather how shining in the sunlight those weightless feathers could be. Thanks to the zirconium jewels the pieces from Pandora collection are shining the same way.


The feather pattern is creating the illusion of something simple and laconic. Classic black-and-white colour scheme supports that impression and, in turn, makes the jewels more sophisticated. Encrusted zirconium stones are made with the help of pave technique.


But it would be worth to note that other jewelry brands like Swarovski and Tous also presented their collections which are really something you have to pay attention, too. Swarovski brand presented its collection consisting of 15 jewels purposely to the premier of the movie Romeo and Julliete; all collection items are replicas of bracelets, rings, and necklaces from the movie. Perhaps those lovers of the history will be glad to take a look at jewels with heart, bow, sword, rose, and cross.


Barnd Tous made a great present to all of its fans by giving them a new collection named Bliss. With no exception all items from above mentioned collection remind you that it is very important to be in harmony with own inner world. For your soul you may choose tiara Signature Jewelry, and it is also can be turned into the wonderful necklace for the evening outing.

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