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Kagi's Wings of Love Collection: Together Against Cancer

Kagi, a jewelry brand from New Zealand, presented its limited edition collection - the Wings of Love, which was designed to support a cancer charity program. It was launched in cooperation with a Look Good Feel Better campaign that offers free seminars to help people with cancer fight against this terrible disease.

A Look Good...Feel Better volunteer ties cancer patient Kathy's head scarf at the Pantene Beautiful Lengths workshop

A Look Good Feel Better campaign

The new collection involves a pendant set in the form of a butterfly made of 200 phianites and an amethyst-colored crystal. It symbolizes "a personal transformation, growth and the ability to go through important changes with lightness and grace". What is more, this lovely pendant can be worn as a brooch and costs US $169, and US $25 of each sale is donated to the charity event. There is also a smaller-sized version that costs $129, with US $15 contributed.


The Wings of Love pendant convertible into a brooch

Kat Gee, the founder and creative director of the company, said that they were excited that they could support such an important venture, and together they would be able to raise a necessary sum of money for the charity.

It bears mentioning that this was not the first charitable campaign supported by the jewelry supplier. In March 2015 Kagi introduced another collection called Hope Acorn Drops with a view to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation (New Zealand) and Kids with Cancer (Australia). According to Kat Gee, the pendant and earrings made of aqua blue glass and phianites were sold out during several weeks after they had been released.


The Hope Acorn Drops pendant and earrings

Since March, Kagi has raised US $18,500 due to the Hope Acorn Drops campaign. Taking part in charity events is now one of the main objectives of the company as supporting them is really important and rewarding. That is the reason why on July 7, 2015, the Wings of Love collection has joined the Hope Acorn Drops campaign pursued in Australia and New Zealand, including online purchasing.

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