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Meet the Hailstones Glass Jewels' New Collection

A talented glass artist Sue Hailstone's new collection "Avalon's Spirit" was inspired by the well-known legend about the relationships between King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake and presenting him the sword Excalibur. It is unique and quite unusual owing to the sparkling silver and radiant red gems that symbolize the shining steel of the sword and its mysterious decorative red gemstones.


The sword Excalibur

The so-called hailstones used for this collection were made from several layers of glass and such precious metals as platinum, gold and silver. Designed by the artist Sue Hailstone, each stone has its own singularity. Hailstones are made at a high level and are durable to wear. They are undoubtedly splendid to look at, and even the most exacting beauty will see the true value of these wonderful jewels.


The ring, ear-rings and necklace from the new collection

All the hailstones have their hallmarks and assay office stamps. They are nicely packed into a branded gift box, wrapped in branded tissue paper and placed into a branded gift bag. The jewels' price starts with £120.00 but it is worth being the owner of these stunning ear-rings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, catching a delighted look of the others and being in excellent mood thanks to the splendor of the jewels.



The new collection items

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