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New collection from Louis Vuitton and new faces for some jewelry brands

As it has been confirmed designer Lourenc Baumer got her inspiration for the newest jewelry collection from famous actress Sarah Bernar. According to the designer, while working on the collection she was imagining beautiful, interesting, and the same time complicated women in nature. She would like them to wear those massively looking bracelets, necklaces and earrings free and with simple clothes like jeans and white T-shirt.

The collection Chain Attraction includes for series: Talisman, Hologram, The Attraction, and Hypnose. The main accent is made with the use of rare stones which can be found in each of the collection pieces. Laurenc Baumer used emperor’s topaz, tourmaline, and green pearls.

A bit earlier this designer presented collection High Jeweller Voyage dans Le Temps for the famous Louis Vuitton, which consisted of three series: monogramme’s lace, monogrammes’s eternity, and monogramme’s universe. The branded symbol of Louis Vuitton that looks like flowers was observed in every item fro the collectio, being a traveller through times and eras. The main working material for the collection was diamonds Star Cut and Flower Cut; all jewelry items from High Jeweller dans Le Temps are reminding us about diamond lace or embroidery.
The same time some changes were also seen for the Swarovski brand: it has acquired a new face and that is Miranda Kerr! Swarovski is a world known brand producing crystal jewelry and accessories, the face of its new advertisement campaign is an Australian model. All photos for the above mentioned campaign were made by British photographer Nick Night under the leadership of Ronni Cook Newhouse, the creative director of House and Holme.

On the photos Miranda Kerr demonstrates some of the most popular Swarovski jewels from daytime and evening collections. Those jewelry highlight her natural beauty with the still-lives made from luxury garden roses on the back, which were picked up by photographer Nick Night in some of the British country houses of nobility. International advertisement campaign also includes video, while the author and singer performing the audio trek is singer, composer, and producer Farrel Williams.

According to Nadia swarovski, member of the directors board of Swarovski brand, the company is happy to collaborate with Ronni Cook Newhouse and Nick Night. Garden roses suggested by Nick together with beauty and charm of Miranda compliment and highlight modern Swarovski jewelry.


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