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The International Gemological Institute Claims to Have Grown the Largest Synthetic Diamond

Synthetic diamond sector is rapidly developing in these latter days. Not so long time ago the Hong Kong branch of the International Gemological Institute claimed that the world's largest stone grown in a laboratory setting had been produced. It is a 10.02-carat square emerald cut diamond with a "very good to excellent" finish grade.


The world's largest 10.02-carat square emerald cut diamond

The diamond was originated from a 32.26-carat rough stone manufactured by the New Diamond Technology, the Russian producing company, using the high temperature and high pressure technique. Also it has been reported that it took 300 hours to grow the emerald which is described as "unique in all aspects". Marc Brauner, IGI Worldwide co-CEO, adds that scientists used the technologies that are substantially more advanced than other techniques that are currently being applied for producing synthetic diamonds.

In proof of the synthetic diamond industry progress it should be mentioned that the latest precious stone is almost twice the size of another one called Big Tamazi. In February, 2015, it was claimed that the radiant cut stone had been the largest polished diamond in the world. It weighed 5.11 carats, derived from a 10.31-carat rough piece.

A few months before one more synthetic diamond producer Pure Grown Diamonds (the USA) announced the growth of a near colorless, 3.04-carat round stone with a "very good cut". The company used a different technology to grow the stones - chemical vapor deposition.

The largest diamond was displayed at the New Diamond Technology booth during the JCK Las Vegas jewelry trade show that was held from May 29 to June 1, 2015.

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