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How to Choose a Right Necklace with Precious Stones?

Some Background

Ancient people thought that gemstones had magical properties, so they loved wearing massive jewels with a lot of curved precious stones. They also believed that those gemstones symbolized wealth and power.

For instance, Egyptian pharaohs and pagan priests wore garments decorated with the most expensive and heaviest jewelry of that time. Those jewels usually consisted of dozens of plates. Their price can be compared with a modern golden necklace's cost. Ancient Roman notable warriors wore similar attires decorated with precious stones. Later, in the Middle Ages, wealthy noble people wore such clothes, too.


Egyptian pharaoh`s golden necklace

Nowadays a lot of women prefer wearing golden gemstone necklaces as they symbolize really good  taste and affection to rich jewelry.

Why Necklaces?

It is thought that the most alluring part of a woman's body is an area of ​​her neck and collarbone. That is why necklaces accentuate the natural beauty and charm of a lady. They have been extremely popular lately and can be given as a gift to close people - wives, mothers, daughters or girlfriends.



Diamond gemstone necklace

Necklaces may contain various gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, topaz, sapphires and others. They emphasize a lady's beauty, individuality and uniqueness.

How to Choose a Necklace?

When you are thinking of giving a golden necklace as a present to a woman, do not forget to take into account her taste, individual features and even age.

Keep in mind some useful tips.

A blue sapphire necklace is usually given to elegant aristocratic ladies, and a ruby necklace is suitable for dark-skinned beauties. An expensive emerald-green necklace can be an excellent decoration for a red-haired lady with conspicuous appearance and playful nature. A wonderful topaz necklace is the best option for a blonde girl with blue eyes and fair skin.

As concerns eyes, they are not for nothing called the mirror of the soul. So, while choosing a golden necklace with gemstones, think of how well these stones will match the color of your beloved's eyes and if they reflect her nature and disposition. The best choice for a lady with hazel eyes is a necklace with rubies. A topaz or sapphire necklace is better for blue-eyed women. And a necklace with emeralds is perfect for ladies with green eyes.

The correctly chosen necklace does not only transform a woman’s appearance but also gives her fascination and other people's admiration.

 218610-image-1Emerald-green necklace


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