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An opportunity within an Opportunity

An opportunity within an Opportunity!

Like many women, I became a stay-at-home-mom when I had a baby. Fashion sense and accessorizing went out the window. Comfort clothes and bare accessories became my wardrobe of choice. Five years and two boys later, I found the opportunity to re-enter the outside workforce. I enjoyed the office atmosphere, but my wardrobe was lacking. I barely wore jewelry and owned less than a handful of accessories.

Despite the frustration, I was determined to find a balance between my lifestyle of bare accessories and my fashion forward office outfits. I scoured the internet for jewelry that would harmonize my shifting wardrobe. Unfortunately, the results were less than appealing. Most jewelry sets were above my spending limit. If it wasn't the price issue, it was the limitations in use. I had a closetfull of contrasting styles and spending a small fortune on accessories was not an option. That's when ChangeMe Jewelry was conceived.

Versatile jewelry like never Before!

Each ChangeMe Jewelry piece can interlock with another one to create an endless array of trendy fashions styles. From small to ultimate sets, there is one for every lifestyle and wardrobe need! Its compact size also makes CMJ the perfect travel companion.

ChangeMe Jewelry also makes a wonderful gift for all occasions. It's the perfect Valentines, Mother's Day and anniversary gift. It makes a unique and much loved party favor! No matter who CMJ is for, we strive to provide our customers with the best product possible.

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