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Black pearl jewellery

Black pearl jewellery

For a lot of people, what first come to mind with the mention of black pearl are pirates from a Hollywood Film, in fact black pearl jewellery has been renowned for its mysterious history for centuries. Black pearls also known as Tahitian pearls are becoming increasingly rarer then white pearls as collecting them through pearl farms becomes increasingly more difficult. These pearls are in fact rarely ever completely black and instead come in shades of dark purple, green, blue, silver, grey or even peacock which means a mix of all the other colours just like a peacock’s feather.

Black pearl rings

Black pearl rings emit a shimmering dark colour much like that off a black hole in outer space. If you aren’t looking for the sparkle of a diamond but still want to elicit a classy and sophisticated look then black pearl rings will suit you well. If you prefer darker colours in your overall outfit then you should not be limited to just typical gold jewellery with bright coloured gemstones.

Black pearl bracelet

Black pearl bracelets can also match excellently with the rest of your dark outfit. These bracelets don’t take away to much attention from the other areas of your outfit. Easily slipped on for a fancy dinner or just to wear casually these bracelets are a cheaper alternative for expensive jewellery while still looking elegant enough to match in with your more expensive items.

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