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Citrine energy

Citrine’s energy vibration frequency is at solar plexus, belongs to a rational body. Strengthen personal self-confidence. People who stomach function is not very well, indigestion, and have unbalanced diet appropriate to use. wholesale jewelry

Main functions of citrine are can gather wealth and can charge partial wealth. Put a few citrines in business enterprises, markets, offices or own houses can gather wealth opportunities.


Citrine is the symbol of wisdom and gladness. It can fill us with self-confidence. Also can reduce fear feelings, obviate compunction feelings. Therefore, it has good assuage and calm functions for people more neuroticism.

Citrine has curative effects for pancreas and incretion nervous system, also indispensably for diabetes sufferers, even can cure tumefaction and stomach spastic.

Because of charging partial wealth, citrine is the indispensably edge tool for people clan that speculating in the stock markets. Especially ball even has functions of coagulating. Except placing on wealth positions, deal the person who usually go to see stock quotes had better wear citrine beads, which will be more effective.

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