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Colorful tiaras now adorned the heads of the ladies

New techniques of jewelry processing industry made it possible that gems could be reproduced. This made it possible for people lower social classes, to adorn themselves with them. This resulted in a sharp increase in the production of jewelry. Besides the cheap imitation precious stones but also gold jewelry was very popular. This was slung a chain in the form of processed or to the trailer. Popular motifs were from primarily from the animal and plant kingdom. A new addition to the traditional jewelry on the hand or neck, was the hair accessories.


Colorful tiaras now adorned the heads of the ladies.

The jewelry taste of the modern era was in any other epoch significantly influenced by political events such as the world wars or industrial developments. Also, trends in art contributed decisively to give new impetus to the jewelry industry. The resulting Cubism in painting is just one example of the way how existing ideas affect the design of jewelry. The objectivity disappeared almost completely from the jewelry. Abstract forms, new patterns and unusual materials now come to the place of traditional forms and motifs. Today, abstract patterns, circles, or hallucinatory-looking 3-D works of art hanging on the ears, inside the belly button or the eyebrow. Because nowadays it is possible to decorate virtually any body part.

Jewelry designers use the precious natural materials not wasteful, but put it specifically as a special accents.

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