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Colour and pearl colors

Pearl color choice is a prerequisite for the pearl color preferences, as to the preferences of the same color clothes. As early as 1920, an American study color and colour with the expert Johannes Itten human skin will be divided into four categories: spring, summer, autumn and winter, with the names of the four representatives of the proper color combination. Understand that their season is a colour, the choice of clothes and accessories are very helpful. Colour analysis is a science, we must experience before they can achieve perfect results would only be briefly introduced elements that identify themselves as a seasonal colour to choose for your appearance clothes and jewellery colors.

I believe that many jewellery salespersons will tell you what the trend, and if the trend of your colour, size, etc. with, of course, but if the best color is not appropriate for your style, then you can not add trend beautiful, with not all right! So you should not have too much impact, the most important is that the color of your skin is appropriate.

According to experts, most of the yellow and black-skinned people are considered [winter color], the most suitable clothing color is clear, high concentrations of cool colors such as pink, white, blue, red can make you look radiant , spring Huang surface. On the contrary warm colors, such as apricot, orange, rice, yellow, the colour of the [winter] seem to pale. (Warm colors and the most suitable blond peach, copper complexion of the white race).

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Have an easy help you choose the color of pearls test is tried on the white, light pink and beige clothes, which observed a color makes you look more beautiful, please do not forget your friends and relatives for evaluation. Pearl is to buy it on your skin (hands or neck), Look at what the most appropriate color. If you want others to pay special attention chest pearls, and you can choose a colour contrast to the color of beads.

The habit of wearing pearls in the clothes will be above the people, but also pay attention to the color of your shirt the color of the beads with.

Apricot background and brown and apricot and white pearls appear more beautiful soft. Black Pearl in the best white shirt, contrasts, making it seem more attractive. But white pearls in a dark undertone, although in contrast, but with this tendency will be more whitish white pearl shadow, the feeling faded. Colourful beads (possibly staining) in white or black background on more prominent display.

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